Aku Hanya Lala..

~Lala yang dulunya gila~


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Love is friendship on fire.. It's 2013!!

My 2012 is full with memories..
Happiness.. Sadness..
So there's this boy and the way he laughs makes me smile..
The way he talks gives me butterflies..
And just everything about him makes me happy..
Both of us are getting closer starting from February 2012.. (If I'm not mistaken)
We’ve lepaking together..
Meets everyday.. Training together.. Acting together..
Lunch together.. Dinner together.. Supper together..
berborak sampai ke pagi..
But then suddenly in May there's a distance between us..
I don't know why..
It’s hurting me so badly..
But I try to act cool.. Like nothing happened between us..
As cool as your acts in front of me..
I know.. People keep datang dan pergi..
Mungkin dulu kita rapat dgn dia tapi sekarang tidak..
When I know that you are seeing another girl, all that I can do is smile..
I don't care.. Janji hang happy.. And at the same time I try to move on.. (tapi mcm gagal)
I know that how far I try to run away, the probability for us to meet is high..
Cause You and me, we both share something in common.. The same surrounding.. Friends.. And desire in theater..
Nobody knows exactly how I feel..
I try to tell them but..
Sometimes, you just can't tell anybody how you really feel..
Not because u don't know why, not because u don't know ur purpose, not because u don't trust them..
But because you can never really find the right words to make them understand..
But then we've start to getting closer again..
We've acting together.. Meet everyday.. Lunch..
People keep talking to me that the feelings and emotions that we've brought on stage seem so real..
I just smile.. Cause that the truth.. That is what i really felt for you..
And right after cumbuan dosa semalam my life was so miserable..
I felt zero, nada, ziltch~
Bak kata Najwa Latif- Kosong.. Kosong.. Kosong..
And the reason is you~
But now..
I'm glad that finally I have you in my life..
I'm so grateful..
So unbelievable..
Macam mana? Let it be our little secret..
By the way, thanks for having me being a very important part of your life..

Little keys open big locks..
Simple words reflect great thoughts..
Your smile can cure heart blocks..
So keep on smiling it rocks..

My wishes for you..
great start for Jan..
Love for Feb, peace for March..
No worries for April..
fun for May, Joy for June to Nov..
happiness for Dec..
Have a lucky and wonderful 2013..

p/s :: cakap omputeh pun grammar tunggang terbalik.. nak jgk tulih dlm bahasa tuh.. adoiyhhh.. >.< 

HeSaidThisToMe :: Walaupun penghujung tahun 2012 agak serabut dan menyedihkan.. Tapi at least, looking into 2013, I have something I don't have last year... I HAVE YOU... =) HaPPY nEW year... gonna miss you..

NotaKaki :: hati ada bunga2.. yeeppeeeee... yeepppeeeee.. hahaha.. ^_^